In my last article, I wrote about the completion of the forex trading to buy the Russian ruble and then ended up as if I were buying shares in Rosneft. However, because I misunderstood foreign stocks’ trading time in SBI SECURITIES, I could not place an order for a ruble-denominated transaction well, and I have done the Vietnam stock trading first.

The time difference between Tokyo and Hanoi is 2 hours, but the time difference between Tokyo and Moscow is 6 hours. Moreover, the 24-hour market is not open in every country, and the time it takes for foreign securities firms to place trading orders in that market is limited. Thus, I didn’t give instructions for trading at an appropriate time in consideration of the time difference. I didn’t know the time zone of SBI SECURITIES to place an order in Moscow.

That’s why I’d like to save the article about buying Rosneft next week and write down the story of buying Vietnamese stocks, especially Vingroup stocks(

As you know, Vingroup is the largest conglomerate in the Vietnamese market, and it is just like the Mitsubishi Group in Japan.

Recently, it has also started manufacturing a domestic car called VinFast (, and there was a deal in which the smartphone brand called Vsmart acquires the LG Group’s smartphone factory. Although they reached no agreement in the end(, you can’t deny that the company has such momentum. On March 29, this year, it is reported that Vingroup will release Vietnam’s first smartphone compatible with virtual SIM cards. Besides, there are plans to open an electric vehicle production plant in the United States in 2021.

Vietnam’s GDP growth rate was + 2.91% year-on-year, a significant decrease from the previous year’s + 7.02%, but it remains at a fairly high level despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It is safe to say that the Vietnamese economy will grow significantly in the after-corona era. If so, there is no reason not to invest in Vietnam.

Now, let’s move on to buying Vietnamese stocks with SBI SECURITIES. But here again, it is necessary to return the Japanese yen to the Vietnamese dong before investing in Vietnamese stocks. As for the Japanese yen and Vietnamese dong rate, it is good to remember that about 100 million dongs are about 500,000 yen.

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