iPhone 13 series was released. They say that “you can get more beautiful-looking pictures/movies.” There is no more surprising when the iMac series, MacBook Air, and iPhones appeared for the first time.

As I USED to be an Apple freak, I can understand some people are still deceived by the company with the world’s largest market cap. But honestly, recent usability with Apple products is terrible, primarily when you still use computers with Intel chips. Apple is making something for the majority of us, not for the rest of us.

Yesterday I shot a video with iPhone (I still use my favorite XS Max), speaking about Evergrande and recent thoughts of mine drinking high ball for about ten minutes. After shooting, I tried to edit the video with Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro (2018 model). Because I use iCloud storage 2TB plan, I uploaded my clip to the server, and I tried to download the clip. But the download was not successful, no matter how many times I tried. My Internet connection was fine. I tried several alternatives, such as uploading to Google Drive via iPhone, only to end up with failure. It felt like my data were held hostage. Was there something like ransomware?

iCloud storage seems helpful in storing pictures and movies but is not suitable for editing. I hadn’t wasted such a long time if I used an SD card or other local storage to save the clip. I usually use my Canon camera with an SD card, but I was tempted by an evil spirit and used iPhone instead, which caused me a few hours and anger with no outlet.

It is pretty essential to keep your data(text, picture, movie, music, and so on) in your OWN hands. Don’t be fooled by “cloud” fraud!! On-premise and local usage might be awkward and not quite “smart,” but your time and productivity are what matters most.