Google’s new features

Google has begun offering the function to jump directly from images on a website to a shopping site. It seems that it will be available on iOS and Android devices and on Chrome on the desktop. I have the impression that Instagram is ahead of these features. Still, it seems that many of the other features I’ll discuss below are also affected by Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. (Google adds news ways to shop, like turning a website’s photos into shoppable products)

Google search expands the details of “About this site”. Previously, if Wikipedia had more details, it would appear in the side panel. With this function, “what other websites are writing about the site” and “what the website is writing about the site itself” will be displayed alongside the results. This will allow you to see misinformation and recently created sites. In addition, it will also provide a function called “About topics,” which displays articles and SNS posts related to topics related to search words. These features will first be offered in the United States and then expanded to countries around the world. (Google Search update will provide more context about websites, including descriptions and what others say)

Google also announced that it would apply a new technology called the Multitasking Unified Model (MUM) to Google Search. This allows the user to see search results that include various suggestions related to the searched word. This is seen as a counter-measure to Pinterest and Instagram, with the aim of facilitating behaviors such as website visits, further searches, and online purchases based on visual images. They are also focusing on video search. It’s clear that this is a counter-measure against short video posting sites such as TikTok. A fast video posting function called #Shorts is also implemented on YouTube. Google uses AI to automatically detect “important moments” and “topics” of a video, helping to suggest another video related to the video.

The multitasking integrated model is a multimodal machine learning engine that can learn across various media such as text, images, videos, and audio. This makes it possible to associate, for example, “climbing shoes” with “videos of mountaineering and trekking.” Google estimates that the number of searches (queries) that users make to solve a specific problem is eight, and they are proceeding with development so that users can do this with one single query. (Google is redesigning Search using AI technologies and new features)

Google has announced a feature that allows you to search by combining images and strings. This makes it possible, for example, to take a picture of a shirt with a certain pattern and look for socks with a similar pattern. Eventually, this will also help you find the products you see in the video. Also, as an example introduced in the article, if a part of the bicycle is broken, but you do not know what it is called, take a picture of that part and show the corresponding part in the video that teaches how to repair the bicycle. A method of using it to search for scenes dealing with bicycles has been proposed.(Google introduces a new way to search that combines images and text into one query)

Trend in Movie usage in Marketing and Sales

Microsoft has acquired Clipchamp and Adobe has acquired Both Cilpchamp and are cloud-based video production and distribution platforms, and Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp is particularly noteworthy in that it is expected to integrate with Microsoft 365, an office suite. The ability to import high-quality videos into PowerPoint and post self-introduction videos to LinkedIn will soon be implemented. What is a distribution platform? A function that allows you to create a single video, such as Facebook video, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, or embed it on a website, and then convert it to the format of each platform and distribute it all at once. People are increasingly communicating with videos. Even Slack now has the ability to post short videos called Clips. Slack, which will be integrated into Salesforce, will become a pioneer in the area of short video sales and marketing. The era in which video is indispensable for disseminating corporate information has already arrived. Don’t make a video like a lecture at the License Renewal Center. We are entering an era in which the consciousness of creating something that deserves to be seen and enjoyed is indispensable.

Facebook has announced that it will invest $ 50 million in the development of a virtual space called Metaverse. In the future, there may be an awkward situation in which you create a video with SaaS on the virtual space, post it on SNS, and browse the posted video in the virtual space again…

The true intention behind the “news personalization”

Google offers a feature called “Google News,” and Apple also offers a News App. In addition, Microsoft recently began offering a personalized news distribution feature called Microsoft News, an app integrated into Windows 11. Facebook learns and personalizes the display of posts from the tendency of likes. It seems that these are more than just the evolutionary convergence, that is, the dynamics of doing so because you lose if you don’t provide features similar to competing products. In short, what lies beyond news personalization is product suggestion optimization. “News” also includes press releases promoting new products and services, as well as sponsored affiliate articles. GAFMA is trying to take the news feed, which is the gateway to such suggestions and the guidance of purchase experience.