In Japanese, school is called “学校”(gakkou). Unlike alphabets, Kanji letters used in Japanese and Chinese languages are ideograms and represent something in themselves.

“学” means “to learn”, and “校” generally means “place to learn”. And these letters are further broken into the minimum components, into “木” and “交” in the case of “校”.

“木” means trees, and “交” means “to imprison” or “to restrict.” So “校” originally meant “equipment made of tree to imprison people”, which now represents “school.”

Schools are currently nothing but places to tell children lies, propaganda, ideologies, and obedience. Japanese schools still force children to wear masks, keep distance from other children, and not to chat too much with friends. They look more like jailhouse than what they should look like, but the characters which represent them depicted the quintessence of school in the first place…